About Us

Hyderabadi biryani is world's most popular dish which incorporates goat meat/chicken that is marinated and cooked along with the rice and has saffron seasonings.

A world-renowned Indian dish, hyderabdi biryani takes time and practice to make but is worth every bit of the effort. Long-grained rice (like basmati) flavored with exotic spices such as saffron is layered with goat, chicken, or vegetables and is slow cooked on a low flame in sealed handi (Vessel).

Every time our friends gathered, we had always felt that the taste of Hyderabad was missing out in Cincinnati. In order to bridge that gap between Hyderabad & Cincinnati we have come with 'Ravis' Hyderabad House. It is our utmost effort to give our customers the ASLI (Real) taste of Home (Hyderabadi) food.